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Dancing With Dogs in the Stock Exchange

Much-talked manipulations in the stockexchange… I have written about this issue several times in the past as well. But what I observed is that investors could have protected themselves from manipulations to some extent. As long as the fund or portfolio manager with whom they have trusted their money is not involved in this. A manipulator cannot use these resources unless supported by thebrokerage house. A lot of investors should buy and sell simultaneously, and how could that happen?Unless someone do not authorize some other people to open and use these accounts… It is impossible for a brokerage house to not detect this situation.

Shares that were preempted or purchased through block booking during the public offering –some of them said to be bought at discount–are quickly made to increase in value. Then they are transferred to various accounts, chiefly of those closest to the manipulator. The next stage is to try to sell them to citizens through marketing efforts conducted on the internet. Even the smallest investor on the stock exchange has already learned that. Releasing fabricated news, hunting on forums etc.

Negative comments that were continuously made when a company’s share price is low turn into positive news as share price rises. But these tactics have been already recognized by now. Investors do not buy shares at high prices. Target people are those friends the manipulator has done business with in the past or the bosses of the related company.

I have observed that since they cannot prey on investors, manipulators now turn to other methods. For instance, preying on the company’s boss follows internet news as a support activity. Those refusing to collaborate must be worn away to the end and pitted against investors through falsified news. Whatever news they spread about you in the internet environment, you cannot get a result in 3 or 4 months. Meanwhile, it’s too late for you. What if the court decreed the “removal of the news” in our country, which is apparently a state of law?You end up getting smeared in the public eye. There is even worse to this. Go and file a suit for compensation; the hosting company is based in a foreign country, the site’s owner is abroad while it is not clear whether he is dead or alive… How can you sue someone?

The stock exchange has been very different in the past. Investors used to carry out transactions through their own accounts. Thus it was possible to see who bought and who sold. One could know everything; who is the investor, the speculator, the manipulator, or the trader… Just as in the movie “Dances with Wolves”; if you face a wolf, you guard against it. The one wanting to dance used to know he would dance with wolves. When wolves left, dogs came to dominate the market.

It is not clear who watch over and feed these dogs whose owners are not known. They attack in packs and are bent on mercilessly destroying any target their owners point to. Attacks of these dogs are gladly welcome by the jackals and vultures in the market. Carrion crows await the end of someone. 

It is claimed “The new CMB (Capital Markets Board) law has scared investors”. There is no need for investors to get afraid. The new CMB law was passed to distinguish real reporters from those who make falsified news for blackmail and deception. We also know that other measures will be taken soon against those who set these traps. We know world’s biggest stock exchanges are trying to get into a strategic partnership with our stock exchange; because they have met with us several times. Therefore our stock market is important and cannot be left to dogs. The government cannot dance with dogs.Since it has already set up dog shelters for them, it would make them pull out of the market and live in these shelters instead…