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Having received a degree in Economics from Marmara University, Ali Bahçuvan started his professional career as a member representative (broker) and went on to work alternately as investment expert, fund manager, strategist and economist. He left his professional career in 2011 and began to manage only his own investment activities. Between 2002 and 2005, Bahçuvan gave lectures as a faculty member at Yeditepe University Institute of Social Sciences. He became the founding president during the establishment of BORYAD (Turkish Shareholders Association) in 2001. Detail
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Being Ready For Fluctuations 06 January 2014 From the point of markets, the upcoming period contains a lot of opportunities and risks at the same time. On the one hand the international conjuncture and on the other hand political risks in Turkey have the potential to create quite a lot fluctuation for markets. Yazının Devamı
As Markets Look For Direction 14 November 2013 FED’smuch-awaited statements caused the money in developed markets and particularly in emerging markets to set a new course again. Yazının Devamı
Unemotional Investor 26 June 2013 Money is the most timorous asset. Even the slightest danger or trouble can easily frighten it away. The upheavals connected with Gezi Park have affected markets. And FED’s latest decision will create new fluctuations as well. Markets will need positive messages through this process. Yazının Devamı
Being Non-Public 10 April 2013 Every kind of libel, falsified news, and manipulation about public companies is free. It seems there is no monitoring and punishment for this issue. While even minor comments have been sentenced to huge fines until 3 to 5 years ago, today we have this situation. Now being non-public is in fashion. Yazının Devamı
Should the Victims of Delisting Give Up Hope? 18 February 2013 Recently I have talked with a stockbroker friend of mine about the past, about how we founded the association, and how we struggled on behalf of the market. He insistently told me “Ali, write all these so that people can know, write at least in the name of the victims of delisting.” I could not disoblige him. So the story begins as follows. Yazının Devamı
Dancing With Dogs in the Stock Exchange 01 January 2013 Much-talked manipulations in the stockexchange… I have written about this issue several times in the past as well. But what I observed is that investors could have protected themselves from manipulations to some extent. As long as the fund or portfolio manager with whom they have trusted their money is not involved in this. A manipulator cannot use these resources unless supported by thebrokerage house. A lot of investors should buy and sell simultaneously, and how could that happen?Unless someone do not authorize some other people to open and use these accounts… It is impossible for a brokerage house to not detect this situation. Yazının Devamı
The Concept of Zero and the Victims of Delisting 01 December 2012 The calendar approaches 2013… Years have passed but 400 thousand victims of delisting still turn their back on the market. In short, we are still at a dead end… Yazının Devamı
Projects for Boosting the Stock Exchange 01 September 2012 Ali Bahçuvan/ Economist Questions like “How can İMKB change its image that has been left over from adverse events of thepast? What steps should be taken in this direction?” and their answers are crucial for the health of the stock exchange. And I have conducted some research based on these questions. Yazının Devamı
Corporate Governance Principles and Facts of Turkey 01 June 2012 Corporate governance rating should not be and cannot bea generously given freebee. Can every company that is willing to spend a certain amount to get rating, deserve a good rating simply because it did this? Yazının Devamı
Unanswered questions with an obvious answer… 01 March 2012 Ali Bahçuvan/ Economist Can financial literacy allow us to predict which shares the government may seize? Can I recommend an economy professor with weak financial literacy (!), a manager at an independent auditing firm, and a high-level tax expert “Improve your level of financial literacy” if they come to me to find a solution about their loss of money inÇukurova and Kepez shares after the state has seized these companies’ privileges. Yazının Devamı
Istanbul Incentive 06 January 2012 Ali Bahçuvan/ Economist With new laws being made as part of Istanbul Financial Center Project, various tax incentives are also offered. Among these incentives, those intended for venture capital and foreign funds have been met with excitement in the world of finance. Yazının Devamı
‘Confidence’ Is A Must-Have for A Larger Stock Exchange! 01 December 2011 One of the most important elements necessary for stocks to be preferred more as an investment instrument by investors in Turkey, is ‘confidence.’ Investors, who have been alienated from the stock exchange for years, should be attracted to stock market again by establishing sound confidence. Yazının Devamı
The Biter Is Sometimes Bit… 21 June 2011 When we look at domestic retail investors investing in the stock exchange, we see a group of people who engage in short-term transactions and act without any information about the company in question. This type of investors cannot help but becoming a prey. Yazının Devamı
Golden Rules for Stock Market Investments 01 March 2011 Ali Bahçuvan/ Economist When I have been asked by university students to write an article on ‘winning investment strategies at stock market’, I thought first of beginning by writing ‘actually there is no magic formula in this business’. Bu that would be too classical… Yazının Devamı
After Every Hardship Comes a Success 01 December 2010 Ali Bahçuvan/Economist We have worked ceaselessly, never lost our hope and finally become a full member of the federation of European shareholdersassociations (Euroshareholders). Thanks to our European friends for their support… Yazının Devamı
The Analysis of the Rise in Markets 01 September 2010 Ali Bahçuvan/Economist In a market where foreign investors are so dominant, there will not be sharp falls unless a new global crisis breaks out. Yazının Devamı
Have We Approached the End of the System? 01 June 2010 Ali Bahçuvan/Economist Foods that are injected with hormone to increase their number and size threaten the existence of mankind. Similarly, as the greed for making greater profits gets out of control the health of the system deterioratesrapidly and seriously. Yazının Devamı
How Should thePublic Offering Campaign Be Run? 01 March 2010 Why do you think public offerings have not started again although our stock exchange pursues new peaks? Yazının Devamı
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